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Daniel Tyler: Cancel Coulter

I would like to respond to your July 27 comments on Coulter.

Your main point, as I understand it, is that you want the newspaper to have a variety of opinions. That is good. Certainly, Benjamin Franklin would applaud.

Where I differ with you is that I don’t think Coulter is one of the “biggest names in the business,” and because of her brand of extremism, I don’t think you should be giving her views credibility by printing them in the Steamboat Today. Of course, there are people who will read her as there are many who will read Maureen Dowd. But Dowd, in my judgment, has never gone to the extremes embraced by Coulter to defend her ideology.

Coulter has endorsed McCarthyism, suggested that Timothy McVeigh should have parked his truck in front of the New York Times, and implied that a U.S. Supreme Court justice should be poisoned. Her vitriolic cynicism seems to be designed more to fan the flames of existing hatreds than to report news, or give opinions, in an intellectually honest manner. Dowd runs off at the mouth and massages her own liberal prejudices, but she hasn’t suggested invading Muslim countries to kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.

We’re a small town with a small newspaper that reflects who we are. The editorial pages already represent the kind of honest debate that appeared in the Pennsylvania Gazette in the 18th century when newspapers were establishing their role in the young Republic. We don’t need Coulter’s voice added to this mix. It’s not worthy of this fine community. I hope you will reconsider carrying her comments in the Pilot.

Daniel Tyler

Steamboat Springs

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