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Dan Maes: A record of hard work, leadership

Dan Maes, for the Steamboat Pilot & Today
Dan Maes

I have a track record of hard work and leadership. I was Student Council president, Senior Class president, and captain of my football team during high school. I went on to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I graduated in just four years with a Bachelors of Arts in sociology and criminal justice.

In truth, Republicans shot themselves in the foot throughout the past several years. They did not walk their talk. We allowed this to happen to ourselves. This is one reason I have stepped up to assist in re-establishing our integrity as a party.

As candidate for governor, I have revisited our national and state constitutions. I have researched the founding principles of America as well as the Republican Party. I will bring in a new generation of Republicans who stop preaching, and start reaching out and who will walk their talk.

I have a plan for Colorado. In the limited space I have, I will articulate highlights of my plan.

For Colorado it is about lost jobs and lost tax revenue. Everything starts with our state economy, which drives jobs. Thousands of Colorado jobs, especially manufacturing, have been taken offshore. An oil and gas industry expert clearly laid out to me that our current governor has made oil and gas exploration more costly and difficult as a result of increased bureaucratic regulations. This was all done in the name of the politically correct new energy economy. Oil and gas companies have capped wells and shut down valuable operations and left the state and taken their high-paying jobs with them. Coloradans on the Western Slope will attest to this.

Of critical importance to Northwest Colorado is the House Bill 1365 legislation supported by my Democrat opponent that could cost hundreds of high-paying coal mining jobs in your area. Loss of jobs hurts families, consumer spending, charities, education, social services and health care, and this means loss of tax dollars and loss of confidence.

Restructuring regulations on mining, exploration and drilling while finding a balance with environmental concerns will be at the top of my priorities as your governor. We will bring back the jobs to the state we have lost, and we will recapture tax revenue on the energy production and the tax revenue from the new employee taxes.

Illegal immigration is a problem of all borders, not just the southern one, and it is a matter of national and state security. We must secure our borders with reasonable and cost-effective means.

As governor, I will move to require all employers in Colorado to use E-Verify for every new applicant and current employees. This web-based data base instantly checks the applicant’s Social Security number and matches it to the correct owner. Any employer that knowingly hires anyone with a mismatched social security number will be penalized. We also must enforce our current laws regarding the use of proper identification in the dispensation of services and voting rights to our citizens.

The number of illegal aliens should drop dramatically. Colorado will save hundreds of millions of dollars by stopping the manipulation of our public schools, medical services and social services while assuring that every legal immigrant is insured the pursuit of the American and Colorado dream all of us enjoy.

I will work hard to reduce government spending and balance our state budget by reducing waste and increasing efficiency without burdening our citizens with new taxes and fees.

My priorities will include: reversal of the executive orders that created the state employees union, as well as funding for Planned Parenthood, initiating efficiencies to reduce the size of state government freeing up funds for other priorities, reverse FASTER legislation, and property tax increases, and consolidate or eliminate duplications in commissions.

President Ronald Reagan once said, “Outside of its legitimate function, government does nothing as well or as economically as the private sector.” I fully subscribe to this philosophy and will bring this way of thinking to the job of governor of Colorado.

Dan Maes is a Republican running for Colorado governor.

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