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Daileys respond

Editor’s note: The Pilot & Today reported Dec. 12 that Jim and Melanie Dailey of Steamboat Springs have agreed to plead guilty to federal charges related to the distribution of large quantities of hydrocodone-based narcotics without valid prescriptions.

Special agents with the federal Food & Drug Administration and the Internal Revenue Service are investigating the case involving an alleged illegal Internet pharmacy.

The Daileys are former owners of Rocky Mountain Integrative Health Management, where they practiced naturopathic medicine in Steamboat.

To all our friends and patients,

By now you have read the Pilot’s side of the story, while Jim and I are back in Alabama doing what we feel was finally the right thing to do. We are not finished, nor is this federal investigation, so unfortunately, we are unable to say too much. However, as our staunch friends and loved ones, you deserve some explanation from us, so here it is, as much as we can tell.

The most important parts are, we believe, the following:

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We became involved believing this may be somewhat atypical medicine, but now unlawful. As we did more research we decided some of our activities were wrong. We stopped our participation in 2004 because we felt what we were doing was wrong – not because of any investigation. It was not until 2006 that we became aware of any investigation and we immediately began cooperating with the government in its investigation.

We are helping the prosecution with their case because we want to do the right thing.

The above is not the reason our clinic was closed. They truly were separate reasons.

Jim and I love the people we work with, and we are truly sorry and apologize to anyone we have disappointed. We believe in all types of medicine, and felt we could reach out and help them with other more natural means of medicine as well as prescriptions. We are accepting responsibility for our actions.

We are not sure what we will do next. We love you all, and appreciate your positive comments and support, and your understanding that we are human and make mistakes. We hope we are now close to correcting those mistakes. Just know that we are very grateful for all of you.