Cynthia May: May says ‘thanks’ |

Cynthia May: May says ‘thanks’

Cynthia May

The time has come to send a big “thank you” to all the friends and neighbors that Bill and I have had through 50 years of ranching at the May’s S-S Ranch on the Elk River.

A good, and sometimes hard, life we had in that lovely land of winter snows, spring rains (and mud), summer grass, flowers, birds, many trees – it was a full and great time. Fall would come and it was time to ship, hunt and go as hard as we could before snow came again.

We sold our lower S-S Ranch on Sept. 21, 2007. Sad, oh so sad, but had to be.

What wonderful memories we have. Bill and I raised our four children, Scott, J. Nate, David and Grace, on the S-S Ranch.

We ran a cow calf operation with private land, leased pasture and grazing permits on the National Forest. We put up hay after raising it on our meadow, gathered cattle in the fall, worked cattle – soon it would be hunting season. We guided and outfitted a number of years.

Our children went to school in Steamboat Springs all the way.

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Busy was the word of our lives from church, 4-H, wrestling, Routt County Farm Bureau, Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, Routt County CattleWomen, museum, writers club.

Routt County Fair was a great time for all.

Bill’s folks, Fred and Anna May, raised their family on the S-S Ranch also. Their children were Bill, Frances, Dorothy, Helen and Jack.

So, thank you all, friends from Steamboat, up and down Elk River, Clark, Hayden and Craig.

This letter is from me and my family, Scott and Nancy, J. N. and Sarah, Dave and Barb, Grace Chew and all the rest of my wonderful loved ones.

Cynthia May


Editor’s Note: Cynthia May can be reached at The Oaks, 805 W. Ottley Ave., Fruita, CO 81521. “I do water colors, crafts, and walk a lot here in Fruita,” she writes. “Anyone is welcome to come and see me.”