Curtis Church |

Curtis Church

Curtis Church

Age: 39

Occupation: Yampa Valley Housing Authority program director

Place of birth: Seattle, Wash.

Q. When did you move to Routt County and what brought you here?

A. I moved here in fall 1991 to visit my brother, went home, retrieved my belongings and drove back.

Q. What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken recently?

A. Taking on a new project at work and volunteering at Humble Ranch.

Q. Describe your morning routine.

A. Hit the snooze about six times, make coffee, walk the dog and pick up after her, pour a cup of coffee, turn on the news and get ready for work.

Q. Has a book ever changed your life? What was it and why?

A. After I completed my graduate degree, my father gave me the book, “Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow,” and that gave me the courage to move to Steamboat Springs.

Q. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

A. Make the best decisions you can with the information you have today. Or, when making a tele turn, cross opposite arm to front bent knee.

Q. What are the first three things you tell new acquaintances about yourself?

A. How long I have lived in Steamboat, what sports I like to do with my free time and the number of jobs I do to make a living.

Q. What did you want to be when you grew up?

A. An orthopedic physician.

Q. If you could invite any four people to dinner, who would they be and what would you talk about?

A. My father, Teddy Roosevelt, Jackie Robinson and Upton Sinclair. We would talk about the idea of believing in your convictions and taking risks.

Q. Do you collect anything?

A. Sports gear.

Q. In the Meatloaf song, “I’ll do anything for love, but I won’t do that,” what is that?

A. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

Q. What was your first job?

A. Mowing lawns and a paper route.

Q. Who is your favorite superhero? Why?

A. Batman, because it could be me.

Q. Do you have any phobias?

A. Speaking in public still gives me jitters.

Q. If you could go back in time, to what event or time period would you go?

A. Signing of the Declaration of Independence – what great thinkers and statesmen.

Q. What is your favorite thing to do in Routt County?

A. Anything that gets my adrenaline going.

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