Crime Prevention Tip of the Week: 10 tips to help protect your identity |

Crime Prevention Tip of the Week: 10 tips to help protect your identity

With holiday shopping in full swing, it is extremely important to protect your identity and other personal account data. Scammers are out in full force trying to collect your information. Here are some helpful hints to keep you safe.

• Never divulge personal identifying information to telephone solicitors or respond to spam or phishing scam emails.

• Make sure no one is looking over your shoulder when using an ATM.

• Write "Check ID" on the back of any credit card. This makes it more difficult for a thief to use the card if it were lost.

• Shred all papers with personal identifying information before disposing of them.

• You should physically destroy computer drive and media before disposing of them.

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• Check your bank and credit card statements regularly. If you see a discrepancy, contact your bank or credit card company immediately.

• If you mail bills, mail them at the post office.

• Do not put driver's license numbers or Social Security numbers on personal checks.

• Analyze your credit report annually.

• Do not carry your Social Security number in your wallet or purse with your driver's license and other identification.

• Do not do business online with companies you don't know anything about. Make sure you are on a secure or encrypted website (symbolized by a small padlock at the bottom right of the screen in Internet Explorer).