Man suspected of sexual assault |

Man suspected of sexual assault

— A 31-year-old man was arrested Friday in relation to a Steamboat Springs rape case dating back to 2014.

The rape reportedly occurred June 1, 2014. The victim told police she met two men at a dance, and they all went back to one of the men’s house to continue drinking.

The victim told police she remembered feeling drunk, and everything went blurry.

The victim was upset after she woke up the next morning. Her clothes were on, but her underwear was on the floor. The victim felt sore.

When she went home, she put her clothes in a plastic bag.

When the victim spoke to the suspect, the suspect denied anything sexual had happened.

After police were contacted, a detective found biological stains on the clothes.

Police interviewed the suspect, and he denied having sex with the victim.

Police received a court order, which allowed them to obtain a DNA sample from the suspect. After this, the suspect made the comment “no bueno.”

Police sent the suspect’s clothing and DNA samples to a lab. Sperm on the victim’s jeans matched the DNA of the suspect, according to an affidavit filed with the Routt County Court.

After police received the test results, they learned they no longer had good contact information for the victim. After receiving new contact information for the victim, police were able to arrest the suspect on suspicion of felony sexual assault.

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