Alleged carjackers to be transferred to Arapahoe County |

Alleged carjackers to be transferred to Arapahoe County

Routt County Sheriff's Office deputies investigate a stolen car found on Routt County Road 7.
Matt Stensland

— In a news release, 14th Judicial District Attorney Brett Barkey announced that the three juvenile carjacking suspects who were apprehended outside the town of Yampa March 4 are to be transferred to Arapahoe County after a March 8 detention hearing.

The teenagers were allegedly involved in a carjacking in Aurora on March 3 and face charges of aggravated robbery and kidnapping.

The juveniles were taken into custody in Routt County on March 4 and are currently being held at a youth detention center on the Arapahoe County arrest warrants.

Barkey alluded to the possibility the three juveniles could face also charges connected with property crimes in Routt County.

“After consulting with the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office (Arapahoe County), we concluded that addressing the allegations of gun violence during a carjacking in Aurora should take first priority over property crimes committed in Routt County,” Barkey said in a news release. “Having said that, we will continue to work closely with authorities in the 18th Judicial District to ensure the rights and interests of our local victims are protected.”

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