County officials take action to condemn attacks |

County officials take action to condemn attacks

Danie Harrelson

— County commissioners on Tuesday condemned those responsible for the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in a resolution calling for support of any actions by the president to bring them to justice.

The National Association of Counties sent a draft of the resolution to Routt County last Thursday as part of a nationwide effort to garner support from counties in every state for President Bush and his national security team, County Commissioner Nancy Stahoviak said.

A majority of counties in the country are members of the association, she added.

Slight modifications were made to the resolution before it was brought before the commissioners for approval.

Passing a resolution of this nature may offend some who strongly support only peaceful measures, but it is necessary to stand together against those who brought so much death and destruction to the country, Stahoviak said.

“There are individuals who feel we need to take attitudes of peace as an appropriate response toward the attitudes of aggressors,” she said. “We need to respond noting that aggression has been done and demands justice for what was done on the eastern coast.”

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“Cowardly and deadly actions” were brought against the United States on Sept. 11, the resolution states.

The resolution says terrorists intended their attacks to strike at American symbols of power and affluence to frighten the American people and to cripple their determination to succeed.

Commissioners agreed that “terrorism cannot be allowed to break the spirit of the American people, and the best way to show these cowards that they have truly failed is for the people of the United States and their counties to stand tall, proud and united.”

“We want to support the president and the United States government as it represents the people of the United States,” Commissioner Dan Ellison said.

Commissioners in the resolution encouraged county residents to support relief efforts in any possible way and to recognize the efforts of those who were involved in cleanup and search and rescue operations.

The commissioners said they would be forwarding the resolution to U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis, R-Colo., and Republican Sens. Ben Nighthorse Campbell and Wayne Allard, as well as state Sen. Jack Taylor, R-Steamboat Springs, and Rep. Al White, R-Winter Park.