County approves gravel pit for project |

County approves gravel pit for project

Dana Strongin

— Routt County planning staff approved a permit last week that will allow a new gravel pit on Colorado Highway 131.

The 9.9-acre pit will be about five miles south of the intersection of Colo. 131 and U.S. Highway 40. The pit is solely for a project to widen Colo. 131. The permit allows for the removal of about 350,000 tons of gravel for the project.

The permit was approved administratively, without a public hearing. There was no public hearing because the pit operation is temporary, said Caryn Fox, the county’s planning director. The permit is set to last from April 1 through Dec. 31.

Fox said that residents can appeal the permit by writing a letter to the planning department by Friday. Appeals will be reviewed by the Routt County Planning Commission. The appeal must be submitted in writing, and the submitter must pay a fee.

The permit was passed with a list of conditions that are listed in the county’s zoning regulations. Fox said she hopes the conditions will address any concerns that neighbors of the pit have.

One condition states that traffic control measures must be used. Flaggers are supposed to be on the highway when gravel trucks are hauling if the operator chooses not to comply with specific time limits for hauling. Flaggers are required if the pit’s operation takes place during school hours.

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Also, the operator must limit dust by watering haul roads and disturbed sites. Berms are supposed to be placed to buffer views from the properties to the north and east.