Cory Christensen: Newspaper plays difficult role in our community |

Cory Christensen: Newspaper plays difficult role in our community

This week the Colorado Press Association, along with the Colorado Broadcasters Association and the Colorado Media Alliance, is focusing on celebrating and honoring the hard work and dedication of Colorado journalists.

Over the course of my career, the media, local and national, have been a part of my everyday duties. By our very nature, law enforcement and the media are at odds often. There is a delicate balance in the protection of information for law enforcement purposes and the mission of journalists to discover and report important happenings to the public.

Often, the circumstances that brought the media to my door were tragic, difficult or frankly involved some incident that I would rather not talk about. However, just because I would rather not talk about something does not mean it was not newsworthy.

For the most part, I have encountered journalists who were professional, dedicated, compassionate and interested in accurate reporting. Many times, in my career, it was the local journalist and the community newspaper most interested in bringing the meaningful stories to their local readers.

As the police chief, I appreciate how the Steamboat Pilot & Today works to create a professional relationship with the police department and asks the hard questions when necessary. I fully support and appreciate the difficult role the newspaper plays in our community. They are truly dedicated to providing the community with local news.

I also recognize that we will maintain a somewhat adversarial relationship. I appreciate that this is a difficult task, and it can be difficult to represent all sides of many issues.

What I do know is that our local journalists and newspaper work hard each day toward continuous improvement. I will take time this week to offer my appreciation to our local journalists and the hard work they do. I hope you will do the same.

Cory Christensen is chief of police for the Steamboat Springs Police Department.

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