Connecticut-based funk quintet, Goose, flocks to Steamboat for Friday show |

Connecticut-based funk band, Goose, flocks to Steamboat for Friday show

The Connecticut-based funk-folk quintet, Goose, will be in Steamboat this weekend. (Courtesy photo)

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — This weekend, the Goose is getting loose.

The Connecticut-based, funk-folk quartet has become widely known for their indie-groove melodies, which have been rapidly amassing an enthusiastic fan base following the release of the group’s debut album, “Moon Cabin,” in 2016.

Goose was conceived in 2014 and includes Rick Mitarotonda on guitar, vocals and songwriting, Peter Anspach on guitar and keys, Trevor Weeks on bass and Ben Atkind on drums.

This weekend, the funky flock will touch down in Steamboat Springs as part of their tour of the Centennial state, performing six shows within the week. Their show will take place at 9 p.m. Friday, Feb. 8, at the Old Town Pub, 600 Lincoln Ave.

“Steamboat has this amazing energy,” Anspach said of the band’s first appearance in town last year. “It was truly epic to experience. That energy translated into our music and wound up resulting in one of our favorite shows to date.”

If you go

What: Goose
When: 9 p.m. Friday, Feb. 8
Where: Old Town Pub, 600 Lincoln Ave.

Earlier this week, Explore Steamboat discussed the ever-changing music scene with the band.

Explore Steamboat: Can you remember the moment or person who inspired you to become a musician? Does that person/memory stick with you even today?

Rick Mitarotonda: That’s a tough one to pin down, mostly because everyone each had their own laundry list of heroes growing up. Dave Matthews Band was a common influence between some of us growing up. I think a lot of inspiration for each of us largely came from friends, older siblings and other acquaintances hanging out and playing music together early on though.

ES: What would you say is a source of inspiration for the Goose sound? How have you guys developed into this indie-groove folk band style?

RM: I would say the most prominent influential forces for the band at this point could be boiled into three categories — Phish; Dead, Medeski Martin & Wood (MMW); John Scofield combined with Fleet Foxes; and the last category, Bon Iver. Naturally, it ripples out a lot from there, but those come to mind as the front runners.

ES: How did you guys land on the name Goose? Does it have a significant meaning or emulate something?

RM: I was actually living in Fort Collins in 2014 working at this killer little taco joint called Damn Good Tacos, now called Authentic American Tacos due to some trademark bologna. We would call each other goose there and throw the word around. I thought it’d be a funny band name at the time, definitely not expecting for it to stick, but here we are. It’s come to take on some deeper meanings for each of us I think, but it all began with tacos.

ES: How has your overall sound/ outlook on your music changed over the years?

RM: The live sound has probably seen the most change. We’re continuing to grow in our improvisational communication on stage which is always fun. In terms of writing, there’s certainly evolution happening, but it’s tough to pinpoint anything because the songs varied a lot stylistically right from the beginning. We’ve got a lot of recording in the works this year, and hopefully, once we get all of that out, we’ll continue to evolve our writing voices.

ES: How would you describe your band and what makes your band different from others?

RM: It seems like describing sounds keeps getting trickier these days with so many artists creating unique blends of widely varying styles. It’s certainly no easier when you’re on the inside of it, just going with what everyone’s hearing as a group. We have become fond of the analogy, however, of a bonfire kegger in the woods with your best friends, where deeper in the forest some stranger, more mystical experiences are there for those looking for it. That’s at least how we like to think about what we’re going for.

ES: Looking over all that you’ve done, is there one thing that stands out to you as a proudest achievement?

RM: The slow and steady development of the touring organism, both externally and internally, is really cool to see. Just keeping a band together and positive on the road together is an achievement we’re proud of. Outside of that, making a record can be a ton of work, and despite it being so early in the band’s development, “Moon Cabin” is something we’re really proud of.

ES: What can the audience on Friday expect for the upcoming performance?

Peter Anspach: I don’t want to give too much away, but the audience can expect to dance and lose themselves for a few hours. We just started touring with a full lighting rig, so that has really pumped up our shows recently. The show is also two sets — a full evening of Goose.

ES: Have you performed in Steamboat Springs before? If so, when?

PA: Our first time in Steamboat about a year ago was truly epic. The town had an amazing energy that translated into our music and wound up resulting in one of our favorite shows to date. The Old Town Pub is a legendary room; we are excited to be back.

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