Community Agriculture Alliance: Why I believe in the Alliance |

Community Agriculture Alliance: Why I believe in the Alliance

Marsha Daughenbaugh/For the Steamboat Today

As the executive director of the Community Agriculture Alliance, I have the opportunity to discuss issues that impact agricultural interests as well as the need to protect agriculture in Northwest Colorado. I like my job and am grateful that my career involves something about which I am passionate. I believe in the Community Agriculture Alliance because:

■ Every day, we eat. Every day, we put on clothing. And every day we take for granted the people who produce our food and fiber.

■ I know the importance of telling our agricultural story outside of the traditional venues.

■ The board of directors and advisers have an understanding about the importance of agriculture in our valley. They continually look for opportunities to protect the heritage, economy and social fiber of agriculture.

■ It is action oriented. It provides programs that benefit producers and consumers. Its members acknowledge the importance of getting their hands dirty, working hard and knowing the fulfillment of a job well-done.

■ It builds partnerships and alliances that are valuable to the sustainability of agriculture's future. Agriculture is the core of our valley, and it is important that the organization is recognized as leaders of tradition and innovation.

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■ It serves as a resource for our communities. It is a go-to organization that provides presentations, reliable information and authenticity for agriculture.

■ It respects the vision of our forebearers. It acknowledges their hard work, community involvement and commitment to agriculture. It strives to work with the agricultural organizations that have built a way of life that remains important in today's world.

■ It strives to be fair. It attempts to present, in an unbiased manner, the stories of agriculture's role with natural resources, animal husbandry, cultural heritage tourism, product development, current trends and threats to success.

■ It wants agriculture to thrive. It values the ethics, morals and determination of family-owned ranchers and farmers. It wants the next generation to succeed and is willing to help them do so.

I think the Community Agriculture Alliance is a leader throughout Northwest Colorado. It is respected for the work its members do, and with that comes high expectations of what it can and should do to ensure that agriculture remains strong.

I invite you to join our team. Producers and consumers are welcome because we are in this together. Help us achieve great things. Learn more about the organization and what it does at or call 970-879-4370.

Marsha Daughenbaugh is executive director of the Community Agriculture Alliance.