Colorado State University launches new CO Woody Plants mobile app |

Colorado State University launches new CO Woody Plants mobile app

The deep red blossoms of claret cup cactus begin to appear in late April in the Needles District. The cactus is sometimes overlooked because it often grows in the partial shade of a small shrub.
Tom Ross

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — A group of Colorado State University faculty and Extension specialists have created a free shrub and tree identification mobile app called CO Woody Plants. With the launch of the app, Colorado’s wide-range of shrubs, trees, cacti and woody plants are easier to identify than ever. 

In addition to a comprehensive library of plant knowledge, the CO Woody Plants app features an innovative search platform that allows the user to search by plant characteristics or name, as well as a favorites section to flag plant data that is most relevant.

The app has the ability to download plant data to allow searchability in offline locations without cellular connection. 

The ‘plant characteristics’ screen uses visual icons to guide the user through a series of choices to narrow down the possible plants. Once the choices are identified, the user clicks on the results and can browse through photos and descriptions, including a map of which counties each plant is known to be present. 

The app can be downloaded on iOS, Android or Google Play by searching “CO Woody Plant.”

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