Colorado ski resorts offering weather-based deals |

Colorado ski resorts offering weather-based deals

Ryan Parker, The Denver Post

If the Thanksgiving weekend is any guide for the season, skiing and snowboarding in Colorado are up in the air.

Especially after last season’s hugely disappointing dearth of snow, the lack of snow weeks into the ski season — and headed into the holidays — is unwelcome news to those wanting to hit the slopes.

With conditions forecast to be mild and dry in the mountains through the weekend, forecasters are working to determine whether the poor start serves as a future indicator.

“It’s been a shaky start to the snow season,” said Nolan Doesken, state climatologist with Colorado State University, who added that shifting climate patterns make forecasting the season difficult.

Klaus Wolter, research associate with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said indicators for the winter are not favorable for skiers.

“There have been a bunch of years with similar setups to this one, and the majority ended up dry,” said Wolter, who is giving his weather presentation to the Water Availability Task Force on Tuesday.

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