Colorado heading toward a too-stoned-to-drive standard, experts say |

Colorado heading toward a too-stoned-to-drive standard, experts say

Jessica Fender / The Denver Post

With pot smoking now legal in Colorado, the state is closer than ever to defining just how stoned is too stoned to drive, say legislative leaders who’ve seen similar proposals die again and again at the state Capitol.

Law enforcers want to set the legal limit at 5 nanograms of active THC per milliliter of blood and recently made a critical compromise to get that standard into the state’s DUI statute.

Under the latest draft, people caught over the THC limit could argue in court that they weren’t impaired, an opportunity not afforded booze-drinking drivers caught over the legal blood-alcohol limit.

Disagreements over whether one size truly fits all marijuana smokers when it comes to the amount of active THC needed to impair driving abilities have confounded three attempts at passing driving-under-the-influence-of-drugs bills in two years.

But newly elected House Speaker Mark Ferrandino said that allowing DUI defendants to argue their side seems to be swaying people who have opposed similar bills in the past.

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