Clue No. 3 — 2017 Yule Log Hunt |

Clue No. 3 — 2017 Yule Log Hunt

The 3-foot-long, 50-pound log will be hidden somewhere in Steamboat Springs.

Clue No. 3 — Wednesday, Dec. 13
With Walton and Crawford, he made his claim.
Road and water now bear his name.
A Renaissance man, with much invested.
Catch the spirit, you’re being tested!

Clue No. 2 — Tuesday, Dec. 12
Milk the cows and sell the cream.
A snapshot in time, a developer’s dream.
Time and weather threatened its fate.
Just down the road, you’ll find its mate.

Clue No. 1 — Monday, Dec. 11
’88 was the inaugural season.
Cultural offerings were the reason.
The Warner family won the hunt right here.
Now search for the log we’ve hidden this year.

2017 hunters notes: Solve the clues each day as they take you on a journey toward the log’s hiding place. This year the log will not be hidden until after Clue No. 6. If you find the log, immediately call the Tread of Pioneers Museum at 970-879-2214. Bring the log directly to the museum to claim your $150 prize.

Learn more about the Yule Log Hunt here: Steamboat’s 38th annual Yule Log Hunt begins.

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