City to step up bear ordinance enforcement |

City to step up bear ordinance enforcement

Avi Salzman

— As the season approaches during which bears are most active and potentially most dangerous, the city is stepping up efforts to enforce a new ordinance requiring people who take their garbage out before 5 a.m. to fit their garbage cans with bear-proof locks.

Although the city passed the ordinance almost two months ago, many homeowners and business owners have failed to get their cans or dumpsters retro-fitted with the locks, which are provided by Waste Management, said Deputy City Manager Wendy DuBord.

The city wanted to give Waste Management a few months to get all of the cans retro-fitted because of the enormity of the job but soon will begin to crack down on violators of the ordinance.

Although Waste Management puts the locks on, the owners of the garbage receptacles must ask the company to attach them.

The city is hoping a public information campaign will get the word out and convince people of the need for the locks before officers have to start writing tickets.

The city may begin to write notes on water and sewer bills reminding residents of the ordinance and will ask Mount Werner Water and Sanitation to do the same.

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The city also wants people who keep recyclables outside to make sure they rinse out bottles.

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