City to host third meeting on Bear River Park plan |

City to host third meeting on Bear River Park plan

The city of Steamboat Springs, in collaboration with the National Parks Service and Oxbow Design Collaborative, is working to update the Bear River Park Master Plan and has hosted a series of open houses to present information regarding the project and solicit public feedback.

The third public meeting will take place at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 25 at Citizens Hall, 124 10th St., in conjunction with the Parks and Recreation Commission work session.

Oxbow Design Collaborate and the National Parks Service will present the next round of conceptual plans for Bear River Park, based on feedback received at the first two community meetings and the public information website Those interested reviewing the plans and providing feedback are encouraged to attend. Following this meeting, the plan will be submitted to the Steamboat Springs City Council for review and approval.

The goal of this planning effort is to create a viable, financially feasible master plan for the site and to guide the next phase of improvements to the park. This plan is an update to the 2004 park master plan and will incorporate the most efficient, sustainable and desirable uses of the park space, through extensive community participation.

The various comments regarding what the park should be, as well as the available land and features of the park, will be weighed equally with the number of responses favoring specific amenities. The end result will be a park that is consistently used by a diverse array of park users and will be one that is supported and stewarded by the community.