City street cleaning shifts to overdrive during April |

City street cleaning shifts to overdrive during April

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — The city of Steamboat Springs’ street sweepers clean miles of roadways year-round, but in the spring, the scrubbing intensifies to clear the streets of scoria, which creeps out as the snow melts.

“As the snow recedes this time of year, we’re able to concentrate on collecting the scoria that we weren’t able to reach immediately following a winter storm,” Streets Superintendent David Van Winkle was quoted as saying in a news release. “By getting as much up as possible now, we’re able to keep it from making its way into our rivers and air later.”

During this time, residents are asked to help by raking or sweeping out any remaining scoria from their property, including in the right-of-way and culverts, onto the asphalt shoulder of the road. Long, thin lines of scoria are easier and more efficient for the sweeper to pick up instead of large, round piles.

During the past two years, the city applied 3,148 tons of scoria while spending 4,321 hours sweeping up 3,789 tons of material. 

“Our scoria program rotates through neighborhoods multiple times during April; however, we’d appreciate a call to the shop to schedule an additional pick up, especially if you have a large amount, so our crews can get to the material faster,” Van Winkle was quoted as saying.

Commercial contractors or property management companies that provide this service must remove the materials themselves. Branches that have been trimmed or trees that have been cut down, as well as other refuse, must be disposed of by the resident or a contractor and should not be placed with scoria.

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