City offers update on construction projects |

City offers update on construction projects

Work continues along the south side of Yampa Street near the Ninth Street parking lot and Ambulance Barn, with crews completing new concrete curb and gutter, sidewalk and driveway installations. In addition, a new water quality unit was installed in to the west of the Ambulance Barn.

Yampa Street Phase II efforts for the coming week include the following.

  • Efforts continue along the south side of Yampa Street in front of the Ambulance Barn, and work is set to begin along the 10th and Yampa street parking lot frontage. The parking lot at 10th and Yampa streets will be partially closed during this time.
  • On Friday, July 21, the public parking areas in front of Little Toots Park will be closed for the day as crews prepare the area for paving, which is scheduled for the week of July 24.
  • Two areas outside of travel ways between 10th and 11th streets and at the intersection of 12th and Yampa streets will remain fenced off for construction staging purposes. The public parking lots at Ninth and 10th streets will remain open throughout the construction work in these areas.
  • Pedestrian and bicycle access will remain open via the core trail and bike lanes on Yampa Street in all work areas.

This work is associated with the Yampa Street Phase II improvements, which are expected to be completed by Nov. 1.

On Oak Street, work for the coming week will focus around the Wells Fargo parking lot and include the following.

  • The south side of Oak Street from Third to Fourth streets (Wells Fargo lot) and Fourth Street from the alley to Oak Street will see sidewalk, curb and gutter and handicap ramps continued to be installed.
  • All parking and bike lanes will be closed, including the upper Wells Fargo parking lot, and the eastbound Oak Street right turn lane onto Third Street will be closed.

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