City manager finalists to be announced Monday |

City manager finalists to be announced Monday

Scott Franz
The City Council has selected the candidates it would like to interview for City Manager.
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The city of Steamboat Springs on Monday will announce who will travel here to interview for the chance to oversee a government that has roughly 275 employees and a $60 million budget.

Following an executive session on Tuesday, City Council members voted to select six finalists out of 67 applicants for the job. They would like to interview the candidates in late April or early May.

The community will be able to meet the candidates at an open house.

City Attorney Dan Foote said Thursday all of the candidates have now been contacted, but not all of them were immediately prepared to tell the city whether they are still interested in the job.

He said the city is giving these candidates the weekend to make a final decision, and all of the finalists who accept will be named publicly Monday.

“The release of this information can have a significant impact on (the candidates) personally and professionally,” Foote said.

Paul Wenbert, a representative from Slavin Management Consultants, the recruiting firm being paid by the city to help find the next manager, told Steamboat Today on Tuesday he believed it would be weeks before the names of the finalists would be revealed publicly.

The Steamboat Today filed an open records request for the names on Wednesday.

Under the Colorado Open Records Act, the city can only keep confidential the names of applicants until they are deemed to be finalists.

Wenbert said weeks worth of vetting still needed to take place before he felt the names could be released.

The timeline from Slavin was a lot longer than City Council members, and some city officials, were expecting.

Council President Pro-Tem Jason Lacy said Wednesday it was council’s expectation the names would be released immediately after the candidates accepted being named finalists.

He added the council had not heard of background checks being a requirement prior to being named a finalist, which was something Anne Small, the city’s director of general services, raised Tuesday as another reason for delaying the release of the finalists’ names.

In 2006, it took the city two days to release finalists’ names following a council vote.

Back then, the city had to contact seven city manager finalists and confirm they were all interested in the job.

The Steamboat Today will profile the finalists after they are announced Monday.

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