Cindy Turner: Special events policy necessary |

Cindy Turner: Special events policy necessary

I greatly appreciate the policy/effort to “limit” the number and size of special events held in Steamboat, especially on holidays that already make our little town too congested and vastly unpleasant for residents and visitors.

Far too often, we are simply “beyond capacity” with crowds of tourists/vehicles/mayhem, and it places extraordinary burdens on our environment, police force and firemen trying to keep everyone safe and city staff having to “clean up the mess.”

We are a small town not “Disneyland,” and policies should be adopted/enforced that acknowledge and respect the geographical and environmental constraints of our small town. Further, we should stop giving vast sums of money to the Chamber to market our town. We have too many visitors already, and all those funds should be reallocated for necessary things like roads, appropriate fire and police staffing/salaries.

Thank you for your consideration of my comments.

Cindy Turner
Steamboat Springs

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