Christy Sinner: Thank you, Hayden school district voters |

Christy Sinner: Thank you, Hayden school district voters

The Hayden School District would like to express our great pride and respect for the community and their continued support of our district and our kids through passage of the mill levy override. The voters put trust in the school district by approving the continuation of the mill levy after previously approving the bond issue last year.

The bond is solely for building and construction while the mill levy override allows us to continue to support our students through a variety of educational purposes including a focus on academic growth, small class sizes, attracting and retaining highly qualified teachers and staff and to provide adequate maintenance upgrades to facilities and equipment.

We can’t thank you enough for the support and focus on the students of the Hayden School District.

Christy Sinner

Superintendent and the Hayden board of education


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