Christmas Eve at the ranch |

Christmas Eve at the ranch

Bill May

Christmas Eve here on Elk River.

Stock is all a-doin’ fine.

Can hear the owl a hootin’

Atop the lonesome pine.

Snowed another foot last night.

Top fence wire just disappeared

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But the sun came out again today –

A relief, ‘cuz us boys feared

We’d lost track of our sled road

To that haystack up on the hill.

Already finished feedin’ that far one

Way over by the mill.

Just been out to turn the feed team loose.

I’d kept ’em in ’til they’d cooled down;

They was sweated up a bit

From the sled trip into town.

The kids from Church – they sure had fun

Singin’ carols on the sled.

Thought sure that we’d meet Santa ‘long the trail

‘Fore I got ’em home to bed.

But what we thought was Santa’s reindeer

Was just a bunch of elk

A eatin’ up the hay we’d gave

To that ol’ cow we milk.

Moon’s a shinin’ full tonight;

The frost sparkles in its glow.

Reminds me of the light that shone

This night, so long ago,

That lit the trail to Bethlehem

That all mankind might see

The way God planned for us to go –

Lit the way for even me.

Jus’ like our snowed-in sled road,

I know it’s there; tho-to-me-it’s sometimes sorta dim,

If I believe in One who made that trail an’ paid the price

That trail will lead me in.

Yes, we’ll make it through the Winter

‘Spite of all the snow and all our sin.

Faith in Our Trail Blazer’ll get us through

To God’s Eternal Spring.