Chicago-based roots-rock group headlines Mountain Music Series concert Friday |

Chicago-based roots-rock group headlines Mountain Music Series concert Friday

The Freddy Jones Band is comprised of members Wayne Healy on vocals and guitar, Jim Bonaccorsi on bass, Rob Bonaccorsi on vocals and guitar, Simon Horrocks on drums and Marty Lloyd (pictured here) on vocals and guitar. The Chicago-based roots rock group will perform in Steamboat Springs for Friday's Mountain Music Series concert in Gondola Square.

— The roots-rock group known as the Freddy Jones Band is making a comeback this year in the music industry.

The release of the group’s newest album since 2009, "Never Change," is a testament to this notion.

Getting its start in 1992 in Chicago, this high-energy, guitar-driven act has seen a lot of changes over the years. After its self-titled debut album, "In a Daydream," was released in 1994, the band then went on to create a few fan favorites such as "North Ave. Wake-Up Call" and "Mystic Buzz."

Blending the new with the old, the album was the impetus for the Freddy Jones Band to go on tour with members Wayne Healy on vocals and guitar, Jim Bonaccorsi on bass, Rob Bonaccorsi on vocals and guitar, Simon Horrocks on drums and Marty Lloyd on vocals and guitar.

On Friday, the Freddy Jones Band will perform for the Mountain Music Series free concert in Gondola Square starting at 7 p.m. on the Steamboat Stage.

Earlier this week, Explore Steamboat caught up with Lloyd during a brief break in Aspen on the group's summer tour to chat about the new album and what it's like to make a new record in today's music industry.

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Explore Steamboat: What makes Freddy Jones Band unique and how is that portrayed through the live shows and new album?

Marty Lloyd: It's funny. When we are traveling the country frequently, I can't tell you how many times I've heard people refer to us as a band from Colorado because of the sound of our music. But originally, we hail from the "Windy City," but Colorado is really our first step outward where our music really started to catch on playing bars and clubs there. I guess it was this marriage made in heaven. For whatever reason, I can't but a finger on it, but the sound, songs and melodies just somehow fit the mountains.

What makes us unique is our sound, and that's a fit for Colorado. We got put into that category with all the jam bands in the ’90s like the Widespread Panic groups. When we play live, we like to do things differently at each show to keep things interesting for the audience and ourselves.

ES: How have you seen the music industry change and how has that affected the Freddy Jones Band? Is it easier to be a musician today?

ML: Everything is completely different yet nothing has changed. The industry has been turned on its head yet it's still about the songs. There is no way around it. The industry is always starving for the next great song. I think the industry has changed the immediacy of it because there is no longer this build up or this lag time in getting albums out. Everything is in real time now. The industry is primarily based on songs and not albums, and some artists just release singles. Musicians just want to get music into people's hands. The albums are a vehicle rather than an end. Recording is done in a different way now, as well, with all of the new technology. For our new album, it's not just a collection of songs but rather something that would stand up on its own and be timeless.

ES: How does it feel to be back in the industry again with a new album out and touring?

ML:This is like Rocky running up the steps in Philadelphia with his fists pumped in the air. Who gets a second chance like this? We have a second shot at a substantial, meaningful career in music. When Justin called me and voiced his enthusiasm in the Freddy Jones Band, and I really have to credit him, because he believed in the band. He instilled a new sense of momentum in my writing and pulling this project along.

ES: Where did the inspiration for the songs on the new album come from?

ML: It's been a long time since we did a real record like this, and it took three years to make this. This is a hopeless romantic record to be honest, and we haven't typically written these types of songs, it's very "live in the moment." It doesn't have a lot of ripping solos or extended sections because it's more based on the song craftsmanship and production of songs, and we weren't going to settle for anything short of greatness. We can feel the momentum.

ES: After each show on this tour, what do you hope audiences will walk away with?

ML: I hope people feel engaged in the songs and that it puts a smiles on their faces when they hear our older songs reworked. I have a gut feeling that when they hear the new ones blended in with the old, the album will speak for itself. There is a lot of effort that has gone into creating a more current and modern sound with how technology has evolved. We felt like it was time to step out as artists and do something significant. We hope people feel like this is a significant step forward into a new Freddy Jones Band world.

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What: Mountain Music Series: Freddy Jones Band

When: 7 p.m., Friday, Aug. 15

Where: Steamboat Stage in Gondola Square