Chaz Kindred: Cater to young adults |

Chaz Kindred: Cater to young adults

I would like to know how such a small town can say that it likes to keep its young adults in town but then does not give them the opportunity for any advancement in their careers.

After looking in the newspaper this week for a job, I have noticed that I’m not qualified enough for any open positions. With as many college students who come here to further their educations, where can they put those educations to use?

Time and again, I have looked for any type of job. It seems that people in my age bracket are either underqualified or overqualified. There aren’t many businesses in this town willing to give young adults jobs.

Mostly, I’m irritated at the fact that this town can’t find reasons to employ young adults year round. Why not find businesses that can keep people going during the change of winter to summer so that they aren’t scraping along?

Once you get out of high school, you have to move away to a large city to make it in life. Then, after you’re ready, you come back here, but only if you can open up your own business. That doesn’t sound like Steamboat caters to a younger generation.

Why not keep young adults here and show them the value of Steamboat as opposed to somewhere else?

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Chaz Kindred

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