CD review of Kings of Leon |

CD review of Kings of Leon

Margaret Hair

— Kings of Leon

“Only by the Night”

Arena rock is underrated. Nashville’s Kings of Leon recognize this, and the band of brothers and cousins has done all it can to bring soaring choruses back into the spotlight without coming off ironic.

With songs such as “Use Somebody,” Kings of Leon erases its former personalities as a garage or Southern rock band with a sound that is inconsistent and strangely engaging.

“Use Somebody,” and every other song on “Only by the Night,” is not notable for its lyrics or the way they’re delivered. Lead singer Caleb Followill is as needlessly distraught here as he’s ever been.

But the Kings have a knack for making sold-out-crowd rock songs with a kind of mangled Southern elegance, and there are tracks on “Only by the Night” that prove that – especially “Use Somebody” and “17.”

Rating: ”

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