Cause of bunkhouse fire south of Steamboat undetermined |

Cause of bunkhouse fire south of Steamboat undetermined

A bunkhouse was destroyed in the fire Wednesday along Colo. Highway 131.

Officials have been unable to determine what caused a fire that destroyed a bunkhouse last week at a ranch just south of Steamboat Springs along Colorado Highway 131.

Investigators were trying to figure out whether extension cords leading into the bunkhouse caused the fire.

"They were damaged enough, destroyed enough in the building that we couldn't really put it on that for sure," Steamboat Springs Fire Rescue Fire Marshal Doug Shaffer said. "I will be writing a report that says the cause of the fire is undetermined with that being the most likely scenario because that's the only power that we know of that was out in that building that seemed to be near the origin of the fire."

Firefighters were working at the fire Wednesday for eight hours.

There are no fire hydrants in the area, and water had to be trucked in.

The fire developed into a wildfire after it started nearby grass and heavy brush on fire. This further complicated firefighting efforts.

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Despite the challenges, firefighters were able to save the ranch house.

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