Cathie Voorhees: Christmas spirit |

Cathie Voorhees: Christmas spirit

Cathie Voorhees

— Thank you for printing the article about a family that compiles gifts for kids worldwide (Nov. 29, Steamboat Today).

It was a great story and a great organization that distributes these shoe boxes. There are several churches in Routt County that also collect shoe boxes for “Operation Christmas Child.” They are the Hayden Congregational Church and the South Routt Bible Church.

These simple boxes with simple, inexpensive toys, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, comb, hard candy, etc., can change the life of a child, especially children in different countries who have never had a Christmas gift before. It also is a good way to teach our children to share and think of others. This year we had one of our church children who was celebrating her birthday ask all her friends to bring either money or things for the shoe boxes rather than bring her a gift. She helped send four boxes. This is the true Christmas spirit. If anyone would like more information about this project, please call me.