Cassady Roberts: Hillary Clinton is leader we can look up to |

Cassady Roberts: Hillary Clinton is leader we can look up to

I have spent my post-college life teaching second graders. In my students I see optimism and promise, but I also see the challenges they face both at home and in the world we live. My only hope for them is to grow up feeling empowered to fulfill whatever life they imagine for themselves.

When I look at my students, I see the future, and our country’s future needs a strong and qualified leader. We need a leader that my students can look up to. That person is Hillary Clinton.

While I am absolutely horrified by the example that is being set by Donald Trump, I know that this election will soon be over and there will be a time for governing. With a President Hillary Clinton, we will have someone in the White House who is dedicated to fighting for the children in my classroom, their families and every American. Her track record, not blustery campaign talk, shows me that she will do exactly that.

First, Hillary Clinton has been specifically and unflinchingly focused on improving the lives of women and children her entire career. Shortly after she graduated from law school, Hillary moved to Arkansas. She could have been content being a housewife as her husband’s political career quickly took off. But she did exactly the opposite.

She envisioned, created and successfully ran a program that gave disabled children the education they deserved but had been cruelly denied because of their disability. She continued to advocate for children while First Lady in the 1990s when she worked with Republicans and Democrats to pass a revolutionary law that guaranteed health insurance coverage for children from low-income families.

When she is president, her advocacy for families will continue as a centerpiece of her administration. Hillary supports 12 weeks of paid paternal and family leave; 12 weeks to recover from a serious illness; universal preschool; and affordable childcare that costs no family more than 10 percent of its income. Not only are these policies just the right thing to do, they will free families from the burden of an unexpected illness, the challenges of juggling work and young children and give parents the time they need to successfully start a family.

While children and families are important issues for me as an elementary school teacher, that is not where Hillary’s experience and vision end. Her accomplishments show an ability to achieve results for Americans and her vision for the future portends a presidency that will greatly benefit so many aspects of our country.

Take a small county like Routt County, for example. Hillary has detailed policy prescriptions to expand rural broadband and tax credits specifically for small businesses in small towns.

Or look at how much our community depends on the environment. Hillary has committed to a new energy economy that will combine coal and natural gas with renewable sources like solar. With her commitment to have half a billion solar panels installed by the end of her first term, the solar gardens in Routt and Moffat counties that are increasingly powering our homes and businesses will expand under her administration.

Our community desperately needs a president that knows climate change is real and wants to do something about it because if we do not make serious changes, our winters with copious snowfall are numbered.

I only touched on a few of Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments and proposals for our nation here. However, whether it is the environment, foreign policy, the Supreme Court or any of the dozens of issues a president faces, I know that Hillary Clinton is the only choice when voting for a qualified leader for this country.

I know this for many reasons but at the end of the day, I know I am voting for Hillary Clinton because my young students deserve a leader who will fight for them. Please join me.

Cassady Roberts is a Steamboat Springs native and current resident.

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