Carol J. Ward: Proud of Son |

Carol J. Ward: Proud of Son

This letter is a response to the article “Mothers protest Bush visit” in Friday’s Steamboat Today.

I also am the mother of a soldier serving in Iraq. I feel I have the responsibility to call these women on the carpet. Do they think they are honoring their family member who knowingly chose to serve our country? Is their protest just a pathetic attempt to get publicity? Are they angry that their family member dared to stand up to them and serve our country? Are they just plain ignorant?

These women should be protesting that there is not enough support from the public for our troops. They should be proud of their family member, not shaming them. How awful to be serving while knowing that your loved ones back home don’t support your decision. It is pathetic as well as shameful.

My son would love to be home enjoying the summer in Colorado instead of sweltering in 120-degree heat with full body armor, long sleeves and a helmet. But as he said, “We need to be here. The people here are just like you and me. They just want to be left alone to live their life in peace. Most don’t care if their neighbor is Shiite, Sunni or Christian. There are just a few radicals that do not want the people of Iraq to have this freedom.”

I am proud of my son and his choice. He made his choice out of patriotism and the desire to help his fellow man achieve even a small amount of the freedom we have. People here need to start considering the results of their actions. Just because they have the right to speak out doesn’t mean they should. They should also consider the sacrifice of those men and women who gave them that right.

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