Carl Nordquist: Douglas got it right |

Carl Nordquist: Douglas got it right

Rob Douglas hit the nail on the head in his column about city of Steamboat Springs budgeting changes proposed by Councilwoman Sonja Macys ("Rob Douglas: 'Leaving Money on the Table,'" Friday Steamboat Today). My wife and I are, as of this year, permanent residents of beautiful Colorado. We fled California not only because we love it here, but also because of a dysfunctional state government that has and still is practicing the same budgeting policies proposed by Macys. The worst-run state in the nation has been brought to near bankruptcy by budgeting polices that addressed perceived needs or wants without regard to the reality of revenue. The definition of "funds left on the table" as proposed by Macys is, I feel, better defined as what more taxes can be obtained from all of us. I have hope that we can function responsibly as a city government as we all do as responsible families.

Carl Nordquist

Steamboat Springs