Carl Marbach: When did Steamboat become so selfish? |

Carl Marbach: When did Steamboat become so selfish?

The Steamboat Pilot & Today newspaper reported that City Council turned down a request from Stacie Fain, Bob Adams airport manager, for exemption from city rules that prohibit camping and fires on city-owned property. The airport wanted to have five camping sites and fire pits adjacent to the runway to attract "outdoorsy pilots" as a revenue generator for the airport.

In denying the request, City Council said they would "rather have visitors pay accommodation tax to the City at local hotels instead of camping for free,” and that granting an exemption from rules wouldn't be fair to Steamboat residents who don't own planes.

Council regularly grants exemptions from rules at certain times and places from certain people. Dogs are required to be on leashes except in a dog park. I don't own a dog so granting this exemption to people who do seems to be giving dog owners a break. I don't care.

How am I hurt by allowing this exemption? How are non-pilots hurt by allowing visiting pilots to camp at the airport? Why do they want to stop someone from coming here and enjoying the facilities?

Similarly, we should not have fast (cheap) food, we should direct people to the more expensive restaurants where the city collects more tax revenues. So, let's do away with lower cost stuff and drive visitors toward more expensive things.

This coming weekend we welcome Mustang car enthusiasts and suspend parking regulations on Lincoln Avenue to that they can display their cars. I don't own a Mustang, so should I oppose giving them a pass on parking regulations? No. I am not harmed in any way so let them have their fun.

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The campsites at the airport will cost the taxpayers nothing. Costs will be more than offset by aircraft parking fees and fuel purchases. No harm will come to any Steamboat resident because of five campsites at the airport. Why not let these pilots enjoy our outdoors? We should be welcoming, not selfish.

Society should not be me, me, me; we need more of us, us, us.

Carl Marbach

Steamboat Springs