Cargo Rodeman: Unfair to Oak Creek |

Cargo Rodeman: Unfair to Oak Creek

Once again, I am truly disappointed to see the headline and sub-headline in the April 21 Today paper that reads, “Town urged to get details” and “County suggests Oak Creek see Sierra View plans.” Duh.

The Sierra View subdivision and annexation has been in process since 1995. In the two years that I have been a part of the Oak Creek Board of Trustees, the subdivision has been on the agenda multiple times in addition to work sessions where Sierra View was the only topic of discussion. We have stated repeatedly that all final plans, (final means complete details of every aspect in the subdivision) a full and complete impact statement (not the one-page one referred to by the commissioners) as well as many additional requirements that have been set forth by the board, must be 100 percent satisfied before the annexation or subdivision approval will be granted.

Additionally, once 100 percent of these “details” are completed satisfactorily, the town has made it very clear to Sierra View that if the annexation and subdivision are approved, it will happen simultaneously. This means that annexation will not happen until all subdivision requirements are met.

We sincerely appreciate the assistance that the county has provided; especially that of John Eastman. But it would be impossible for the commissioners (when they have not been present at the aforementioned sessions) to know the extent of information and “details” our board has compiled, filtered and worked through with Sierra View. Furthermore, the town has an excellent attorney to ensure that every “detail” is thought out completely and thoroughly in this and every other important undertaking the town enters into.

In closing I would like to make it very clear that I do not hold the commissioners at fault for the “those dumb Oak Creekers don’t know what the hell they’re doing” undertone that emanated from that article. I have learned from numerous past Pilot & Today articles that the editors compose the headlines as well as edit the articles to read how they wish.

What would have been wrong with a headline that read “County reviews Oak Creek subdivision?” I guess that wouldn’t have made front page news nor would it suggest that Oak Creek could not care less about details or looking at plans.

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Once again, Oak Creek is a wonderful town with warm, friendly and intelligent people. If the Pilot & Today cannot portray us as anything but backwoods idiots, we prefer being left out of your newspaper altogether.