Cargo Rodeman: TABOR working |

Cargo Rodeman: TABOR working

Most municipalities and other government entities have “de-Bruced,” or voted to keep money in excess of the Taxpayers Bill of Rights. TABOR allows for this by a vote of the people. The municipalities and other entities that have voted out TABOR have done it permanently. How and why did this happen? The voters trusted their elected leaders to spend the excess — which getting out from under TABOR allotted them — for the needed improvements in their communities.

The state is doing exactly what the TABOR law states it must. They are asking the voters to allow it to use the (already collected) revenues in excess of TABOR for specific needs within the state.

Unlike the other entities that have de-Bruced permanently, the state is asking only for a five-year reprieve from the TABOR law. This is a bipartisan effort by officials that we elected, and we should trust them to do the job we elected them to do, or vote them out.

Before you vote Tuesday, make sure you understand what programs and projects will be eliminated or seriously cut if C and D do not pass.

Please don’t vote blindly, believing the negative ads against it.

This referendum will not take anyone’s income tax return and the amount per person most definitely would not pay for a year of college.

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If you are worried about accountability, then stay involved. The people of Colorado have to pay attention during this five-year time frame to ensure that the revenues generated by this “TABOR time out” are spent as we have been promised they would be.

Cargo Rodeman

Oak Creek

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