Candidate Q&A: Steve Randall |

Candidate Q&A: Steve Randall

Editor’s note: Steamboat Pilot & Today has asked each of the local candidates in the 2021 Election on Nov. 2 to participate in a Q&A to better inform voters, asking the same questions related to each specific office. Visit for the latest election news and information.

Steve Randall is running for Steamboat Springs City Council District 3.

Steve Randall.
Courtesy photo

Why are you running for City Council?

I first visited Steamboat Springs as a young Geology Student in 1977, what struck me most was this was a town, a Western town that happened to have a ski resort. My neighbors feel we are losing our character, our soul that differentiates us from other towns. I would like to be part of maintaining our character while encouraging responsible development.

Do you believe short-term rentals should have restrictions? If so, what specific restrictions would you support? And if not, why not?

I believe short-term rentals should be restricted, permitted, inspected for health and safety and taxed as commercial property. Rules and regulations should include input from neighborhood HOAs. If neighborhoods are restricted, existing short-term rentals should be grandfathered for the existing owner but not transferable.

In your opinion is transportation a key service the city should be providing to the community, and do you have any ideas on how the city can provide sustainable funding to continue the service at current levels or expand it?

I do believe public transportation is a key service. Sustainable funding could come from short-term rentals taxes, installation of downtown parking meters and lift ticket tax.

What parts of the Climate Action Plan do you think need to be prioritized? And how can they be funded?

While we have no control over the natural variability of climate, we do have control over human-caused changes primarily brought on by fossil fuels, deforestation and poor agricultural practices.

Encourage the use of public transportation, bike paths and walking by expanding our city trail systems and installing parking meters downtown to reduce single-use car trips.

Work towards electrifying our bus system.

Promote reforestation and xeriscaping of city properties.

Funding would come from parking revenues, short-term rentals fees and general funds.

The city has a goal to diversify its revenue streams and reduce its dependence on sales tax revenue. How would you propose accomplishing this?

Supplement revenue stream with short-term rental tax, parking fees and increased user and permitting fees.

What steps should the city take to ensure that there is affordable housing now and into the future?

Streamline the permitting process, keep property taxes low, allow multifamily long-term rentals and limit short-term rentals.

Council has prioritized diversity, equity and inclusion for a number of years. What steps do you think the city should take to move forward in this space?

I think the city already does a good job with diversity, equity and inclusion. I believe they should stay the course.

If elected, what would you do differently than those elected before you?

I believe I would bring a different perspective to the council. Having over 35 years of Fortune 500 business experience, 30 years at the managerial and executive level, I would have a different approach to solving problems. My focus would be more long term, looking towards sustainable growth while keeping the character of our town — a town that has a resort rather than a resort that has a town.

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