Candidate Q&A: Stephanie Carolus

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Stephanie Carolus is running for South Routt School District Board of Education District 6.

Stephanie Carolus.
Courtesy photo

Why are you running for school board?

My life consisted of constantly moving with my dad being in the Air Force. But when we settled down in South Routt I knew instantly that this was where home was. I graduated from Soroco in 2006 and took time to travel to Florida and couldn’t get back here fast enough. The small town, the camaraderie, the constant support of the community drew me back. Once we got our daughter enrolled in elementary, as a working mom, there was a piece of me that wanted to help any little bit I could but couldn’t figure out how until the school board position was presented. What a perfect opportunity to have a voice on how my daughter’s education panned out. The school board gives me the ability to insure her safety and well being while hitting the highest academic achievements she and the rest of her peers could ever possibly imagine.

What improvements would you make to better facilitate communication and the exchange of ideas between parents and the school board?

I have never really had any qualms with how the school board handled communication but I would just make sure that that line of communication was always open and maybe have that line open sooner when there is an issue that arises and not so last minute.

How will you ensure that curriculum and its delivery is fair, balanced and aligned with Colorado state curriculum guidelines?

Staying current on the most recent guidelines with constant training and communication with our teachers/educators is the only way to be fair and balanced with the state. I feel education is forever changing and not getting complacent with our thought process will make it easier.

How would you rate the school district’s response to COVID-19 and what would have wanted to see done differently?

I feel like our district handled COVID-19 very well. There are so many different opinions and ideas on how COVID is affecting everyone and if masks should or shouldn’t be worn. I feel like South Routt listened to the parents, listened to the doctors and were able to come up with a plan that best suited our community

How do you view the state of the district and the quality of education it is providing students?

I think with everything becoming so electronic based, cuts that personal aspect of teaching out so I wish that we could focus more on hands-on learning versus computer based/statewide testing- call me old school I guess. Kids need contact with their teachers versus a computer class explaining how a process works. Common Core is tough to learn as an adult so I can only imagine how these kiddos react sometimes. There is a challenge for parents to be able to provide adequate help on homework due to it being a different level of learning that they had in school. I hope we could provide more assistance in that aspect so you are not pulling out your hair each time your child has questions. Pushing kids to computers for lessons and online learning would be my only complaint on the quality of education that is provided.

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