Candidate Q&A: Dave Moloney |

Candidate Q&A: Dave Moloney

Editor’s note: Steamboat Pilot & Today has asked each of the local candidates in the 2021 Election on Nov. 2 to participate in a Q&A to better inform voters, asking the same questions related to each specific office. Visit for the latest election news and information.

Dave Moloney is running for Steamboat Springs City Council at-large.

Dave Moloney.
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Why are you running for City Council?

Increased investment by the ski area, the new work-from-home paradigm, and a wave of retiring baby boomers have fueled a growth spurt, and that in turn has brought new opportunities and challenges. Because it is such an incredible place, with friendly people and amazing amenities, the town continues to attract more people that want to live and vacation here. My goal on City Council will be to help the city address the growing pains we are experiencing by implementing and planning for solutions that will allow young people, families, seniors, businesses and our resort guests to continue to enjoy the quality of life that has long made Steamboat one of the best places in the world to live and visit.

Do you believe short-term rentals should have restrictions? If so, what specific restrictions would you support? And if not, why not?

By nature, resort areas have short-term vacation rentals. The question is what are the most appropriate locations and how are they managed? Existing zoning, as well as homeowner’s associations already define many of these areas. However, there have been complaints about noise, trash, and general disruption to the character of neighborhoods. Rather than the sweeping removal of property rights that has been proposed, I favor an incremental approach to solving these issues. Registration of existing short term rentals, data collection, more stringent regulations, and better enforcement(to date no permits have been revoked) should be tried first.

In your opinion is transportation a key service the city should be providing to the community, and do you have any ideas on how the city can provide sustainable funding to continue the service at current levels or expand it?

Yes, many locals rely on the free bus. It also reduces traffic and environmental impacts by serving many of our tourists. We need to get creative to find additional funding. It may be time to consider charging visitors for the use of the bus while maintaining the free use for locals. This could be facilitated via an app or just a locals card shown to drivers. I believe that our visitors won’t mind paying a nominal fee. A marketing campaign on the buses thanking them for helping could go a long way.

What parts of the Climate Action Plan do you think need to be prioritized? And how can they be funded?

Transportation currently accounts for about a quarter of the local greenhouse gas emissions. Improving traffic flow, encouraging rideshare and perhaps adding additional trips to Hayden, Craig and possibly South Routt to encourage additional ridership. Funding could be done as outlined in my previous answer regarding visitors paying a nominal fee to ride the bus. Additionally, I would be willing to look into establishing some paid parking downtown and on the mountain, with the fees being directed to transit.

The city has a goal to diversify its revenue streams and reduce its dependence on sales tax revenue. How would you propose accomplishing this?

The city is ultimately made up of its citizens. I don’t believe that there has been a consensus among our citizenry that we need to diversify or increase tax revenue. If there was, it would already have been accomplished. Sales tax continues to grow year over year. We have seen amazing results, even in difficult years like 2020. I am open minded about any proposed changes to our tax structure, but believe that ultimately it will take a vote of the residents of Steamboat to implement such a change.

What steps should the city take to ensure that there is affordable housing now and into the future?

Steamboat has been handed an incredible gift. The donation that allowed YVHA to purchase the Brown Ranch provides us an opportunity that we previously didn’t have. City Council should move quickly to annex the property to allow YVHA to begin their planning with certainty regarding the status of the annexation. We need a council that has experience working in the planning and development of residential properties. Myself and others have that experience and are best positioned to help move the Brown Ranch development forward. We don’t have time to waste, the goal should be to move that project forward as quickly as possible.

Council has prioritized diversity, equity and inclusion for a number of years. What steps do you think the city should take to move forward in this space?

My understanding is that the city has been working on engaging various groups to better understand the needs of those that may currently be marginalized in our community. I look forward to getting up to speed on what has been accomplished so far, and participating in making sure that the city’s diversity, equity, and inclusion goals are met.

If elected, what would you do differently than those elected before you?

I don’t want to second guess or question the intentions of those that have served before me. What I can commit to the voters of Steamboat Springs is that I will work hard and bring an objective and open mind to the issues that face us. What I will bring to the table is 33 years of experience and perspective that I have gained while raising my daughter, building my business, and serving the community in local non-profits like LiftUp during my time here in Steamboat. Steamboat has given me so much, I can’t imagine having made a better life for myself anywhere else. Now I’m ready, willing, and able to serve you on the City Council.

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