Candidate Profile: Warren Harner |

Candidate Profile: Warren Harner

Warren Harner

Age: 52

Occupation: Airline pilot, federal law enforcement officer with the Transportation Security Administration

Political experience: None


Triple Crown: Wants to see more data on Triple Crown benefits. Believes that any city investment for fields must be accompanied by a specific performance contract from Triple Crown. Otherwise the city is “taking a leap of faith with taxpayers’ money.”

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Steamboat Springs Airport: Believes that the airport could face major financial challenges ahead because of federal funding cuts. Believes that the city needs to host an open discussion about balancing the interests of the community and general aviation with the funding challenges ahead.

Harbor Hotel: Believes it is like the front door to downtown. Before it is demolished, wants to ensure developer has a good plan for replacement and has the finances to complete the plan. Suggests preserving the façade with a new building behind it.