Candidate Profile: Loui Antonucci |

Candidate Profile: Loui Antonucci

Loui Antonucci

Age: 53

Occupation: Construction management, partner in Old Town Realty

Political experience: Council member 1989 to 1993 and 2001 to present


Triple Crown: Believes Triple Crown is important to the summer economy of Steamboat Springs and surrounding region. It is not practical to build new fields in Steamboat Springs, but is open to supporting proposals for new fields in surrounding area.

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Steamboat Springs Airport: Barring any change, supports keeping Steamboat Springs Airport open as a general aviation airport and believes that the airport will operate in the black by 2008.

Harbor Hotel: Believes it is always a shame to tear down historic buildings, but that each investor must do his or her own assessment of the viability of saving and restoring such buildings. Believes that council’s job is to ensure that the repacement for the hotel fits with the downtown character and that “we don’t wind up with a vacant lot downtown.”