Candice May Martin: Support 48 |

Candice May Martin: Support 48

— I was most disturbed to read your editorial Oct. 15 regarding Amendment 48. I found it offensive that you did not give any opposing views on the topic or discuss any of its possible benefits but rather matter of factly stated that all your readers should vote “no” on 48.

Forty-eight is simply an amendment that defines a human life as beginning from conception. Regardless of your personal opinion on abortion, which was not difficult to detect, Amendment 48 would simply put into writing a fact. From the time of conception, two human cells fuse together to make a new and completely unique strand of DNA. A tiny embryo is, in fact, a new human being completely different from any other person on this planet, and baring fatal complications or invasive terminal action by an outside source, a fertilized egg will grow into a full-term infant. This is not a matter for debate, it is science.

I understand that people minimize the significance of an unborn child, because an “embryo” or “fetus” that has its tiny life extinguished before its parents can hear it cry is far easier to ignore than a baby that one can hold in one’s arms and see face to face. It is for this reason that I feel the unborn need a voice to cry out for them and for someone to stand up for their rights because they cannot do it themselves. I encourage anyone reading this to go to Bud Werner Memorial Library and check out National Geographic’s DVD “In the Womb.” It truly is amazing.

This topic of “humanhood,” if you will, does not take an expert to understand; we, as people, just don’t like to acknowledge the painful and inconvenient truth.

Candice May Martin


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