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Bullet sparks small South Routt fire

A fire crew works to put out some lingering flames near the town of Yampa on Saturday.

They were prepared for a fire to the point they had an extinguisher in the truck parked maybe 50 yards away, and they ran for it when a ricochet shot sparked a small fire at the Herald Shooting Range in South Routt County, just north of the town of Yampa and next to the community’s cemetery on Routt County Road 21.

Even in that short amount of time, a standard issue fire extinguisher proved insufficient equipment, however. The fire grew swiftly, fueled by dry conditions and a brisk wind. Others called for the pros at the same time, and help was on the scene shortly. A crew from Yampa responded first, and a team from Oak Creek wasn’t far behind.

The small fire burned across a hillside and up the border of the South Routt Community Cemetary, but no farther.

“We got up to the target where it started, and it went from little to where we couldn’t fight it, so we walked away,” said Andy Benjamin, on the scene when the fire started. “It went fast, super fast.”

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