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Buddy King: Tossing out lifeline

— I’m having a hard time comprehending the number of people who have jumped ship on Dr. D.

“Let he who had not sinned throw the first stone.” (A stone was lobbed from the back of the crowd and Jesus said, “Ma, please don’t do that, I’m working here.”)

We have all made mistakes in our lives. It is never fair to take statements out of context, that were made in the heat of a very, very volatile situation years ago, and print them today, making them sound like these are statements that this individual would make on any given day.

Of course I am not trying to make light of these e-mails. They were wrong. Dr. D admitted that they were wrong. Do we really need to stone him for these actions? They were supposed to be private. This does not by any means lessen their intent, but do any of us have any “private” laundry that we’d rather not have aired? I’m having trouble expressing this point without feeling that some will righteously stand by the statement that “wrong is wrong.” I guess we all have to work this out on our own.

My heart talks to me about what I remember about Dr. D. I don’t think an individual changes that much. He was always a good man who put the interests of our children first. I don’t see how that could have changed. Yes, he did make a mistake. Go ahead throw the stone, if you feel you are sinless.

He was the principal at Strawberry Park Elementary for all five of our children. They loved him, and he loved them. They still love him and I’m sure he still loves them. How many of you remember what we remember about his tenure at Strawberry Park Elementary?

At the expense of sounding overly religious, what is our impression of Jesus and children? He is sitting with one on his lap and a handful around him laughing and telling him knock-knock jokes. He is very happy and laughing with these innocent children, these children who have not made any major mistakes “yet” in their lives. Will he forgive them (us) when they (we) do? You can picture our subject as either the principal with the kids on his lap, or one of the children who has made that mistake.

I hope we can let this pass and all get on with our lives, and that both the superintendents and Dr. D can move forward in a positive manner.

I am a concerned parent and member of this small community.

Buddy King

Steamboat Springs

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