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Bud Romberg: Ikon Pass not good for seniors

I would guess that all the local adult season pass holders at Steamboat Ski Area, except for seniors, are pleased with the announced Ikon Pass prices, which will save them several hundred dollars next ski season as well as allow usage of many other ski areas. This would have been a nice gesture to locals, although I suspect much of the impetus is generated from the "competitive set" Epic pass.

However, along with the lowering of adult pass rates, the elimination of senior rates amounts to a 29 percent increase in senior rates on top of the 20 percent and 17 percent increases the past two years. In fact, the rate has more than doubled in the past few years.

I have no idea how many actual senior passes were sold this year or how many of those were to locals, but it seems to me that the majority of this group are the folks who have been supporting this area for the past many years, and this is not the way for Alterra to show its appreciation for that support, but I guess this is an indication of how the new owners feel about us locals.

Bud Romberg

Steamboat Springs