Brodie Farquhar: Trump has hit another new low |

Brodie Farquhar: Trump has hit another new low

The Trump Administration has presented us with one outrage after another. Every time I’ve thought he’s hit a lowest low, I’ve been proven wrong.

This morning, news reports emerged that Trump has ordered U.S. military away from the Turkish/Syrian border, where their presence has protected Kurdish allies from attack by Turkey’s military. The Turkish government has been long beset by Kurdish rebels, who want independence and their own country. A huge attack against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria would be a major and perhaps fatal blow to Kurdish dreams.

The Kurds have been brave allies in our fight against not only ISIS but against Saddam. Now, the Kurds have been betrayed. The Turkish military can sweep south and kill hundreds and even thousands of Kurdish fighters and their families.

There are two winners here: Turkey and Russia. Turkey wins by killing Kurds. Russia and Putin win because after this betrayal, who will ever trust the Trump Administration again? That’s exactly what Putin wants and what Trump is giving him, despite strong objections from the Pentagon.

Sure, Trump can be defeated at the polls in 2020, and we can start to work repairing the damage and ruined foreign policy left in his wake. It will take years, perhaps a generation, to undo the damage and restore faith in America’s word and honor.

Every veteran, every active service member, their families, friends and neighbors should be deeply ashamed by Trump’s treachery to the Kurds. Trump needs to go, and soon.


Brodie Farquhar


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