Brodie Farquhar: Tipton tweets smack of desperation |

Brodie Farquhar: Tipton tweets smack of desperation

If you spend even a few minutes at the website for Rep. Scott Tipton, R-3rd District, Colorado, you’ll quickly sense that ol’ Scotty is not a happy camper.

His tweets give off a pungent smell of desperation. Not only is he unhappy about the entire process and prospect of “Dear Leader” getting impeached, his so-called moderation reputation has flown out the window.

Take, for example, his Twitter rant about Tri-State’s announcement to close coal-burning power plants and coal mines by 2030. Tipton blames it all on a Governor Polis and Democratic House conspiracy, with nary a nod to such economic realities as natural gas is cheaper than coal or that renewable energy sources like wind and solar are fully competitive with coal.

Granted, communities in Routt and Moffat counties will be hit hard by the impending closure of the region’s coal mines and coal-burning power plants. But Tipton’s effort to stir up anger and fear and direct it solely at Colorado Democratic officials and legislators is cheaply cynical. It doesn’t solve anything in trying to preserve an out-dated coal business model.

What he and the rest of the Republican Party need to do, from Trump on down to local offices, is look in the mirror and reflect how climate change denial has cost us time and money dealing with this existential threat to mankind.

Imagine where we’d be had Al Gore been elected instead of Dubya. We could have begun the aggressive transition away from fossil fuels toward clean renewables much earlier, at lower cost and be much further along in the transition.

As it is, Australia is burning, sea levels rise, the wildfire season in the United States is year-round, Greenland is melting, heat waves threaten thousands, droughts and floods become more commonplace, snowpack dwindles, water shortages mount and entire ecosystems are under threat.

His sole mission right now is save his seat, save Trump, save Big Coal and Big Oil and Big Pharma and save the status quo for his political donors.

In a day and age that is crying out for transformative, progressive change, all Tipton can offer is a rosy vision of going back to 1950, when minorities and women knew their place, the environmental and civil rights movements were tiny and the biggest threat to civilization was rock ‘n’ roll.

He should retire.


Brodie Farquhar

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