Brodie Farquhar: “Thoughts and prayers” in wake of another school shooting are meaningless |

Brodie Farquhar: “Thoughts and prayers” in wake of another school shooting are meaningless


Here we are.


Valentine’s Day Massacre 2.0 had more casualties that the 1929 gangster hit in Chicago, but fewer deaths and woundings than in Las Vegas.

So as these things go, it wasn’t a big mass shooting, but a medium-sized one.

That being said, I can easily predict the following:

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  • Republican politicians will say their "thoughts and prayers" are with Florida families.
  • Fox pundits will say it is "too early" to discuss gun control, that families should be allowed to mourn without their loss being politicized.
  • The National Rifle Association will say absolutely nothing.
  • Someone will say that if teachers at that high school had been armed, "a good guy could’ve taken out the bad guy."
  • Gun nuts will defend the AR-15 and proclaim that "guns don’t kill people, people kill people."
  • Law enforcement will investigate the alleged shooter and report he had __ number of guns and __ thousands of rounds of ammunition. All acquired legally.
  • Liberal columnists will note the recent series of academic and New York Times reports that the most significant cause of┬ámass shootings in the United States is the sheer number of guns per capita, far outstripping any other country in the world, except for war-torn Yemen.
  • Bill O’Reilly will again declare, as he did after the Las Vegas shootings, that mass shootings are the price America must pay to remain free.
  • And the Republican Congress will do absolutely nothing, other than utter meaningless platitudes about "thoughts and prayers."

Have I missed anything?


Brodie Farquhar