Brodie Farquhar: Have a conversation about health care this holiday season |

Brodie Farquhar: Have a conversation about health care this holiday season

You know how during the holiday gatherings, the guys tend to wind up watching football, while the ladies tend to congregate in the kitchen, concocting culinary wonders and talking about all kinds of topics.

This holiday season, I have a special request for the ladies of Northwest Colorado. No, I don’t want a secret recipe, but I’d like you all to thoroughly discuss the topic of health.

Who is sick? Who is expected to recover or expected to die? Who, among your circle of family, neighbors, friends and co-workers, is getting hit hard by medical bills? Discuss the joys, or horrors, of negotiating with a private health insurance company that wants to jack up your rates, your deductibles or cut your coverage.

Who is facing bankruptcy or mortgage foreclosure because of catastrophic illness?

How does private coverage experiences compare or contrast with the more senior folks’ experiences with Medicare? Does Medicare deny coverage or increase your costs? How do your doctors or nurse friends feel about the current system in the U.S.? Would they prefer a single-payer system like that in Canada or most of the developed world? Would they like Medicare-for-all?

How do you ladies feel about the health care system? What reforms would you like to see? Do you want to go back to the “good ol’ days” that Republicans seem to want, putting you and your family at the mercy of for-profit health insurance systems and fat-cat CEOs?

How do you feel about Obamacare? Like some things, not like others? Did it go far enough?

Ladies, you’re the caregivers in your families. This is life-and-death stuff. I think it is important for you all to have long-ranging conversations about health care and the politics surrounding it. Do research. Talk to health care providers. Read. Get wide ranging opinions and information sources. Keep talking and thinking about what you want for your families, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Decide which candidate or party can deliver what you want.

Then share your findings with your men and gently suggest how they should vote next November. Or use a two-by-four to get their attention. Whatever works for you.


Brodie Farquhar


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