Brick pizza restaurant back open at Deer Park Road in Steamboat Springs |

Brick pizza restaurant back open at Deer Park Road in Steamboat Springs

Brick is back open in the Deer Park Road Corp. building near the Steamboat Resort’s Meadows Parking Lot. The pizza restaurant closed down last summer after a fire.
John F. Russell

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — A fire in the Deer Park Road Corp. building nine months ago closed the doors at Brick, leaving owner Lee Demusis waiting on the sidelines. But the Steamboat Springs businessman got back to work last Friday and is looking forward to providing hungry customers with pizza this summer.

“It was just great to get back open,” DeMusis said. “Pizza has always been a passion of mine, so, for me, it was really nice to get the fire lit again.”

But it was a fire that slowed the business down.

In July 2018, Steamboat Springs Fire Rescue firefighters responded to the four-story building, which houses Brick as well as other offices, after it was reported a plume of black smoke was coming from the roof of the building, which is located at 1195 Bangtail Way near Steamboat Resort’s Meadows Parking Lot.

The fire was not inside the restaurant but confined to equipment on the roof. The fire was extinguished, but Brick has remained closed since that date as investigators worked to determine the cause, and the building’s owners took time to figure out what was needed to fix the problem.

“I really didn’t have that much damage in the restaurant itself,” DeMusis said. “Because it was a newer building, I think they kind of had to figure out what exactly the issue was. They had to take all the stuff off of the roof and take it down to Denver, and there was a full inspection of all the equipment.”

During that time, DeMusis said he worked with the building’s owners.

“You just have to wait patiently,” DeMusis said. “I was lucky enough that my landlord, Deer Park and (Michael Craig-) Scheckman were extremely good to me.

“They made sure that everything got fixed in the right way,” DeMusis added.

DeMusis opened Brick with his wife, Suzy, in December 2016. The couple also owns the Paramount located at the base of Steamboat Resort.

“The Paramount is always busy, especially in the winter,” DeMusis said. “I just sort of went to my other job … If it was my only business, it might have hurt me a lot more. I was lucky enough to have something else to hold me and my family over.”

But pizza is where DeMusis’ passion lies.

Brick offers a wide selection of modern brick oven pizzas including DeMusis’ favorite, the Margherita, with red sauce, fresh Mozzarella and basil. In all, diners have eight pizza selections to choose from plus entrees like roasted chicken, salmon and beef tenderloin.

Brick opens at 5 p.m. seven days a week and stays open most nights until  9 p.m.

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